Alexander Dawson Henderson IV

Dawson Henderson was born on November 19, 1951 at the Peninsula Community Hospital in Carmel, California (7 pounds). This event was reported in the Monterey Peninsula Herald and the Carmel Spectator newspapers. To find out more about Dawson visit his web site.


Born in California
Alexander Dawson Henderson IV was born at the Peninsula Community Hospital in Carmel, California.(7 pounds) on November 19, 1951. Dawson is the first child of Alexander D. Henderson III and Patricia Ford. Click here to see a picture of Alex, Pat & Dawson.

Move to Florida
Moved from California to Florida on July 5, 1957. At first, the family lived at their grandfather's Avon by the Sea apartments in Pompano Beach, Florida. The apartments were across the street from the Hillsboro Country Day School. In 1958, the family moved into a newly built house at 3532 N.E. 31st Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida. Dawson also entered the Hillsboro Country Day school the same year. His grandfather was the founder and administrator of this School. When his sister Holly was born, the family moved to Sea Ranch Lakes in Florida.

Dawson completed his studies at Hillsboro Country Day School on May 28, 1965. Attended college at Menlo College in Menlo Park, California in 1972. Attended college at the University of Arizona.

The wedding and reception for Dawson and Sharon E Galbreath was at their home in Flagstaff, Arizona on June 30, 1984 at 11 AM.

Designer and Publisher
Dawson has worked as a designer in desktop publishing and in developing interactive software. He is currently under contract with the Coconino National Forest to develop their web site. He is also the webmaster for the Arizona Trail Association. His wife Sharon Galbreath, is active with the Sierra Club and with the conservation of the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas. She has a website for Arizona Greenworks. Sharon and Dawson we are doing a project for a local non profit foundation that entails the creation of public education materials, media ads and lobbying directed at local and state politicians and decision makers. Most of our clients are non profit groups looking for the specialized knowledge that I have on NEPA issues. (National
Environmental Policy Act).



Dawson age 9

Dawson Henderson

Dawson in Carmel

Sharon meets Clinton Sharon and Clinton after she gave him one of her "Save the Peaks" buttons


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